Ancient Egyptian ruins

This weeks blog is about some of the Ancient Egyptian models I have made.

First up is the Younger Memnon statue ruin.

YM_Ozymandias 28mm front
YM_Ozymandias 28mm back

I made this model a few years back now and it depicts the famous Younger Memnon statue half buried in the sand awaiting excavation. It is a statue of Ramases II, also made famous by the poem Ozymandias by Shelly. In later life the real statue had a small hole made in its chest by Napoleon’s men who tried and failed to move it – but this model is made without the hole. You can add it if you wish! Later, John Baptist Belzoni managed to excavate the statue and ship it to the British Museum where it resides to this day. You can read Belzoni’s account of moving the statue and his travels here and also listen to a BBC show about the Younger Memnon as part of Radio 4’s History in 100 Objects series. The Hieroglyphics on the back of the statue are accurate. This model can be found on Shapeways, my ebay page or my Yeoman Models page. Also, one of my Younger Memnon statues ended up in a diorama at the University Museum at San Francisco State University 🙂

I have also made the Younger Memnon as it is today with a hole in the chest and you can see him on Shapeways.

I now see that a 3D scan of the statue is now on Thingiverse, but my model has elements that have been shaped to show off the detail better at the 28/32mm scale

Also, some new items of ancient Egypt are for sale. A 28/32mm scale column ruin that measures 5cm high (so is ideal for your 28mm scale explorer to hide behind) and a wall carving both of which are covered in hieroglyphics and Ancient Egyptian imagery.



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