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Painted Miniatures


Painted Miniatures Hi everybody! This is a special blog post dedicated to the amazing work and talent of people who have so generously bought and expertly painted some of my miniatures. Just scroll down and take a look at some of the pictures. I’m so jealous! Horten Ho 229 This WWII Flying wing was painted by […]

World War II Miniatures

V1 Launch Ramp Painting QUARTER SIZE

World War II Miniatures Hello again, Today’s blog post is all about our World War II miniatures. We have our newest and biggest miniature yet, also a rather futuristic looking WWII German jet powered bomber as well as a round up of older ones I’ve mentioned on the blog before. After all of that there will be […]

Great Western Railway


Great Western Railway Hello, Got few Great Western Railway miniatures to show you this post. Us folks at Yeoman Models have now made three 1:100 scale buildings for your TT Gauge train layout or maybe to use in an urban battlefield with Flames of War. Like The Three Bears of Goldilocks fame, these buildings are […]



V1 READY FOR TAKE OFF! It’s been a while coming but the V1 Flying Bomb miniature is now ready for take off! This miniature is a 1:100 scale model of the V1 and is compatible with Flames of War tabletop game. It’s cast with a white metal that contains lead so it’s unsuitable for small […]

Summon in the New Year


Summon in the New Year THE DEMON SUMMONING CIRCLE Happy New Year to you all! I hope each and everyone of you had a joyful and  frolicsome holiday season full of laughter and fun… but that time is now over and Yeoman Models is releasing it’s largest miniature yet by summoning in the New Year […]

Police Box Crazy


Police Box Pewter Pendants First off I’m now selling a range of Police Box Pewter Pendants! Made famous by Doctor Who’s TARDIS, the police box is a great icon that has been made into all sort of things like Purses, Cat Fort and tea-cosies. Now, pewter pendants are on the scene! They measure 30mm x 12mm x 6mm. Made […]



My 1:100 scale V2 Rocket miniature is now on sale! In celebration, I’ve made a picture of a V2 in full camouflage taking off… This V2 rocket is a 1:100 scale miniature and compatible with TT Gauge and Flames of War tabletop game. The fuselage is solid resin and the four fins are a tin […]

A bit of news, a bit of eBay, a bit of painting and also a bit of time and space travelling for today’s blog post


Hello, A bit of news, a bit of eBay, a bit of painting and also a bit of time and space travelling for today’s blog post. Let’s get started! First off, the Phone boxes I mentioned last post are now on eBay! As well as some unpainted ones, I have also painted ones for sale. When I painted […]