Cleopatra, Comin’ Atcha!

Some of you may know that I have sold some Cleopatra models on my ebay shop but now my Cleopatra models are available on Shapeways in both 28mm and 35mm scales!

I have made Cleo standing…

Sitting on a throne…

and as a Zombie Witch with an cauldron!

The Cleos are also available on their own and the bases, Cauldron and Throne can be bought separately.

Here’s the full list of links for both the 35mm and 28mm scales-

35mm Cleopatra Throne

35mm Cleopatra Zombie Witch

35mm Egyptian Cauldron

35mm Cleopatra

35mm Cleopatra Sitting down

35mm Base – Tiled floor

28mm Cleopatra and Throne

28mm Cleopatra Throne

28mm Cleopatra

28mm Cleopatra Zombie Witch with base and Cauldron

28mm Cleopatra sitting

28mm Cleopatra with base

28mm Base – Tiled floor

28mm Cleopatra Zombie Witch

28mm Egyptian Cauldron

As well as this, I also have the Egyptian Column and wall carvings for sale –

28mm/32mm Egyptian Column ruin

28mm/32mm Egyptian Wall Carving

And of course the Ozymandias statue as mentioned in this previous post.

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