Corig-8 the Droid

Just a little update to say that my Corig-8 robot is now on Shapeways.

I built him a few years back after getting some kind comments from model train builders about my corrugated line-side huts, and thought it would be fun to build a corrugated robot! After playing around with some ideas the Corig-8 droid became a big lumbering robot. He’s made to work with 28/32mm figures but on his base he measures 45mm tall!

You can still buy him from my ebay store here.
Corig-8 Full Corig-8 Parts

And he’s now on Shapeways! You can buy him with gun arms or just normal arms although I am thinking of adding a third kit which will more resemble the eBay kit with the full set of arms that you can attach yourself.




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