Great Western Railway

Great Western Railway

Got few Great Western Railway miniatures to show you this post. Us folks at Yeoman Models have now made three 1:100 scale buildings for your TT Gauge train layout or maybe to use in an urban battlefield with Flames of War. Like The Three Bears of Goldilocks fame, these buildings are small, medium and large.

Pappa Bear is the GWR Pagoda shelter…


Mummy Bear is the Lock up Hut…


And finally Little Baby Bear is the Lamp Hut…


I was asked to make these by the fine folks The 3mm Society and much thanks goes out to the society members who supplied me with detailed drawings and photos of these buildings to help me make the miniatures as accurate as I could.

Someone at The 3mm Society ordered a set of these buildings painted. Here’s photos of my efforts.


It was very difficult to get the colours correct and there was a bit of too and fro until I finally hit on the right paints put on in the right way; but I’m very happy with the results and I think we got the colours just right.


As you can see, I made the Lock Up and Lamp Huts more dirty than the Pagoda Shelters. The Pagoda Shelters would be on the train station platforms and would have been better taken care of.

Dorset 3mm Society Blog

If you are interested in 3mm Model Trains then I can recommend The Dorset 3mm Society Blog. It’s updated regularly and has plenty of good photos, schematics, layouts, and modelling tips ‘n’ tricks!

Mixed Traffic

As we are talking a lot about 3mm Train modelling this post, I would also like to say that Yeoman Models was mentioned in January’s edition of The 3mm Society’s magazine Mixed Traffic! There was a review of my Nissen Hut and a photos of the 1:100 Phone boxes. Thank you Geoff for writing about my miniatures in the magazine!


Well that’s all for now. Next post will be about the WWII miniatures we’ve made. See you all then!

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