Liubo – The Forgotten game

I first read about the game of Liubo on this webpage that I saw back in November 2015.

I thought the look of the 14 sided die that archaeologist found in a 2,300 year old Chinese tomb looked rather cool. And the fact that it was used for the mysterious game of Liubo who’s rules have been long since lost for over a thousand years intrigued me no end.

Only a few days after after reading the article I decided to make a 3D model of the die and put it up here on Shapeways. Sort of instant archaeology!

Liubo 14 Sided Dice 3d printed

I’m interested in maybe making other Liubo game pieces to go with this die even though no one can play it!

Read more about the game on this website that has some great images or on it’s Wikipedia page!


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