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Petrol Pumps

I have been selling my 28mm scale petrol pump models on ebay for some time now but recently I have made them in more scales and put them for sale of Shapeways.

There are two types of petrol pump for sale, the 1940’s/1950’s style with it’s deco look and and the 1980’s boxy ones. Each one is now available as N Guage, TT Gauge, HO/OO Gauge, 28mm and 35mm.

1940’s/1950’s Petrol Pump

N Gauge – 1940’s/1950’s Petrol Pump

TT Gauge – 1940’s/1950’s Petrol Pump

HO/OO Gauge — 1940’s/1950’s Petrol Pump

28mm/32mm Scale – 1940’s/1950’s Petrol Pump

35mm Gauge – 1940’s/1950’s Petrol Pump

1980’s Petrol Pump

N Gauge – 1980’s Petrol Pump

TT Gauge – 1980’s Petrol Pump

HO/OO Gauge – 1980’s Petrol Pump

28/32mm Gauge – 1980’s Petrol Pump

35mm Gauge – 1980’s Petrol Pump

The new scales will be coming to ebay in the coming months.

Also, you may notice on the left hand side of my Shapeways shop that the models have now been put into scale categories! It makes looking for items a lot easier! Check it out!

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