Sand Store and Furnace

Sand Store and Furnace

Hello Everyone!

A short blog today just to show the latest 1:100 TT gauge model of a Sand Store and Furnace.

This model was requested from a member of the 3mm society. He was also kind enough to supply me with some photocopied plans and photos of the real thing from which to build the miniature 🙂

And here it is…


It measures 65mm x 33mm x 42mm and is available to buy from eBay here!

I’ve also been asked to paint some up from using the photograph as a guide. The Sand Store is a lineside hut that gets very very dirty so I used a lot of dark wash and also some dark dry pigment to make all the filthy smudges.

With one of the huts I added some rust patches using the paints and techniques from Citadel’s How To Paint Miniatures guide. It needed some toning down though as the white of the roof really made the rust pop out too much and look a bit odd.

I also found that when painting some bricks a different colour to add a bit of variety, you can be quite bold with the pallet and use all of the flesh tones.


Oil on canvas

This part of the blog has nothing really to do with miniatures, but if you would like to look at some new paintings you might want to click here to see Elizabeth Leonard’s ArtSpace. She’s a Cardiff based painter with a wide range of styles. Check it out!


We have a few new models coming soon and as they get released, expect to see this blog updated. Also, now has a holding page and a new website is being built. Yeah!

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