Sci-Fi Greebles

A short blog post today about Sci-Fi boxes and Geebles.

Sci Fi boxes_A Built

Sci Fi boxes_A Parts

If you don’t know what Greebles are, it’s a term first used by model makers during the making of Star Wars back in the 70’s. It means all the fiddly detail bits that are added to things like vehicles and buildings to make them look more interesting and they also help add a sense of scale. There is a fine article about greebles on this Den of Geek page.

In the ebay kit I sell you get a bunch of resin greebles and also two resin boxes onto which the greebles can be attached in whatever ways you want! the image below shows one such configuration.


You can check out more of the photos from this setup on my blog post here

Also, the greebles can be bought on Shapeways here and the greebles and boxes are on Shapewas too!

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