Summon in the New Year

Summon in the New Year


Happy New Year to you all! I hope each and everyone of you had a joyful and  frolicsome holiday season full of laughter and fun… but that time is now over and Yeoman Models is releasing it’s largest miniature yet by summoning in the New Year with the Dark Arts! Behold the Demon Summoning Circle!


The Circle itself is sold resin. Measures 14.5cm diameter and 3cm tall. You can customise the five pilers of the pentagram with whatever twisted nightmares you want, but supplied with the resin Summoning Circle are five white metal fire dishes.

I made it so that you can easily place a large 6.5cm wargaming base into the Summoning Circle giving plenty of room for any overhanging legs, arms, claws or tentacles your demons may have! As you can see – is adorned with demonic runes and a pentagram and yes, the weird glyphs on the pillars and the circle do mean something… but I’m not telling.

It’s availlible to buy on eBay here.

Painting it was made a lot easier by watching this helpful ‘How to Paint Stone‘ tutorial video in Youtube.  I gave the summoning circle a black undercoat and drybrushed (with a large half inch flat brush) varying shades of grey starting dark and building up lighter and lighter. I gave it a dark green/grey wash before using a small brush to dry brush the white highlights which I found really brought the model to life.

One thing I may try while painting this model again is to take out a scalpel and model files and weather the corners of the five pillars a bit more and I’m toying with the idea of painting the tiles and floor detail with colours and not just keep it all stone.

The fire dishes are white metal so needed some preparation by filing down sprew marks and removing some of the mould lines. Once done, I painted it all with a black undercoat and dry brushed shades of red on the fire then orange and finally yellow. The dishes were painted with copper paint and highlighted with some gold paint. I found painting fire quite difficult. If you have any tips, please message me!

Well that’s it for now. I’ll be blogging again soon!

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