28mm/32mm Customizable Manhole covers

As some of you maybe aware, I have made and sell a set of eight 28mm/32mm resin manhole covers on my ebay store that can be used to add some fine detail to street scenes and dioramas. The Manhole covers are especially good for Victorian scenes and one of them mentions the notorious Victorian district of Whitechapel!


But I have recently made them available to buy on Shapeways here but three of the manholes have also been edited to make them customisable within Shapeways! You can now add a name of a person, street or city to one of three manhole covers! The three options are City of Cardiff, Cavandish and Co and Whitechapel.

You load up the page and you can add your own text to fit onto the manhole cover. The covers are only 28mm/32mm scale though so you can’t fit too long a word onto the cover!

If you want any of the manhole covers to say different words around the edge and maybe mention a particular name, city or company, please message me and I’ll see what I can do!

I also have a 28mm/32mm shoulder pad that can be customised with an image.

I will be adding some of my own shoulder pad designs to Shapeways this coming week. If you have a design you want to put onto a shoulder pad, let me know and I can make the pad and upload a set of ten or more to Shapeways for you to buy your own design!

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