Customisable Flags and Shoulder Pads

Some new items are now on Shapeways! First are customisable flags.

You can create your own unique flag for your army with this 28mm/32mm scale banner. All you need to do is follow the link to Shapeways and add an image. You’r image will then be on the flag and ready to print! They even give you a little 3D preview of your design so you can see it from all directions!

The banner above is a medieval European style banner but I have also made some Japanese Sashimono Flags. One Long and One Short.

With this type of flag you can customise it with the addition of an image to one side and a letter or number to the other!

Also now available from Shapeways are seven sets of shoulder pads I have made.

Anubis, Eight SpiresHalf MoonOzymandiasPentagramSpikesTwin Blade.

These shoulder pads range from a more traditional pad with emblem on it to more fanciful pads like the Ozymandias and spikes pads! If you want your own shoulder pad, shield or banner design made in 3D and buy it from Shapeways, please contact me! I’ll be happy to help.


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